A Conservation Org Partnering With Canada Goose?

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Polar Bears International (PBI) is supposed to be a nonprofit wildlife conservation organization—so we can't even venture a guess as to why it has decided to team up with Canada Goose to promote a collection of jackets made with the fur and feathers of violently slaughtered animals (?!?!?!).


Canada Goose uses fur from coyotes who are caught in traps that often crush their necks or mangle their legs to the bone, leaving them to endure excruciating pain, blood loss, dehydration, frostbite, and attacks by predators. Animals who don't die from that are often shot, strangled, stomped, or bludgeoned to death.

Each one of the company's jackets is stuffed with the feathers of abused geese. Workers at one of its suppliers grabbed geese by the neck, often two in a hand, and slammed them into transport cages so cramped they couldn't even extend a wing for up to 24 hours. The birds were then driven to a slaughterhouse, where their throats were slit.

It's mind-blowing that an organization on a mission to save polar bears is teaming up with a company that violently exploits geese and coyotes. It's like a lung-cancer organization promoting a brand of cigarettes—honestly.

If PBI actually cared about animals, it wouldn't promote fur and down—it would choose to partner with ethical, down-free companies like Wully Outerwear, HoodLamb, and Save the Duck or those that refuse to use fur, such as Arc'teryx, Helly Hansen, and The North Face.

This is truly one of the most ridiculous partnerships we've ever heard of. 🤦

Tell PBI to end its partnership with Canada Goose!

Steven C.
Polar Bears International

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