Starbucks, Why Do You Hate Animals and the Planet?

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First things first: Milk stolen from cows is a product of sexual violence, it effs up the environment, and it’s bad for your health. We aren’t falling for it like others did—we know the truth behind generations of cringe “Got Milk?” ads and realize that normalizing human consumption of dairy (when so many Black people and other people of color are lactose intolerant) is not OK.

So, why would a company like Starbucks that claims to care about the environment (which, uh, animals are a part of!), racial equality, and its customers literally punish people for choosing nondairy milks like oat, almond, soy, or coconut? It’s alllll about money: Starbucks charges up to 80 cents more for them.

This needs to end.

No one should be charged more for making a compassionate and environmentally friendly choice, and what about people who can’t even tolerate cow’s milk (which makes sense, considering that we aren’t baby cows 🙄)? The dairy industry is one of the cruelest—female animals are sexually abused, their babies are stolen from them, and they’re killed when they’re no longer “productive.” Tbh, anyone choosing nondairy milk should be rewarded, not penalized.

Tell Starbucks to drop the extra charge for nondairy milks!

Jones II
Public Affairs for Starbucks

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