Levi’s: Let Cows Live—Ditch Leather Patches

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Every single piece of leather—whether it’s used to make a coat, pants, shoes, or a small square patch on the back of your Levi’s jeans—comes from an animal. This was someone who needed their skin to live, who felt pain, and who died violently—and for what?

Levi’s claims that one of its core values is empathy. But this is just more corporate B.S., because the company knows that animal-derived leather often comes from cows who endure confinement, extreme crowding, disease, and food and water deprivation. And it knows that painful branding and castration are all commonly performed on them without painkillers.

Many are skinned while they’re still conscious.

Not only is this extremely cruel and completely unnecessary, animal-derived leather is also three times as harmful to the environment as vegan leather. The company could easily do the right thing and use only non-animal materials to make its patches, which it already does on some jeans.

Tell Levi’s that you want it to change!


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