lululemon: Stop Exploiting Animals for Profit!

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lulu, we love your belt bags and leggings—but how can we give you our money when you use it to support the down feather industry?

lululemon hides behind “responsible down standards” while knowing that those standards don’t stop the suffering of birds used for its down coats and other apparel. Down feathers are always a product of violence, fear, and suffering. No clothing item is worth that.

Geese form strong bonds and stay with their mates for life, but instead of living with their families, geese in the down industry are sentenced to a miserable life and a violent death.

For nearly a decade, PETA’s undercover investigations have exposed extreme cruelty to birds who often spend their entire lives in crowded, filthy conditions, only to be grabbed by their necks, wings, or feet and stuffed into crates for a grueling journey to the slaughterhouse through all weather extremes. There, some birds are inadequately stunned before their throats are cut and they’re dunked into a defeathering tank full of scalding-hot water while still conscious.

You have the power to help end this! Down alternatives—like PrimaLoft, which lululemon already uses—outperform feathers. They’re allergen-free, easier to maintain, and environmentally friendly.

Please urge lululemon to take a compassionate stance for geese by no longer selling down and switching to cruelty-free alternatives instead!

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