University of Central Florida: End Your SeaWorld Partnership!

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Student activists at the University of Central Florida (UCF) are demanding that their school end all SeaWorld ticket sales—and you can help them make a difference!

Selling Discounted SeaWorld Tickets Normalizes Animal Abuse and Speciesism

By selling discounted SeaWorld tickets, UCF is propping up a company that sexually abuses dolphins and whales (you read that right) and denies orcas and other marine animals a natural life in the ocean, where they could swim freely and choose their own mates. Animals don’t exist to entertain us—they shouldn’t be confined to tiny tanks and forced to perform for most of their lives, just to provide humans with fleeting moments of amusement.

SeaWorld teaches the public that animals are ours to do with as we please, perpetuating speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview—and UCF is teaching students that it’s OK to confine, use, abuse, and profit from animals. The university needs to do the right thing and teach students to respect all beings.

Selling SeaWorld Tickets Goes Against the UCF Ethics Code

Respect, equity, innovation, and stewardship are self-proclaimed core values of UCF, and promoting SeaWorld goes against them. Instead of encouraging students to learn meaningfully through institutions like museums or reputable sanctuaries, UCF is choosing to support the outdated, cruel practice of exploiting animals for entertainment.

Help Students End SeaWorld Ticket Sales!

Sign this petition to support UCF students in urging the school to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld until the animals are released to seaside sanctuaries and the park offers only animal-free entertainment.


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