H&M: Stop Profiting Off Abused Goats!

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H&M has lifted its ban on cashmere and mohair, which is disappointing asf.

Why go back to selling products that come from mutilated goats? H&M clearly cares more about profiting off the abuse of defenseless animals than sticking to its original commitment to ditching mohair and cashmere. 🙄

When PETA Asia’s disturbing investigation into the South African mohair industry revealed that workers roughly handled, threw around, mutilated, and cut the throats of fully conscious goats, H&M agreed to stop sourcing mohair.

The company made a similar commitment to ban cashmere after PETA Asia revealed that goats screamed in pain and fear as workers tore their hair out with sharp metal combs. After goats are exploited for cashmere, their throats are slit in slaughterhouses and they’re left to die in agony. 💔

But now, H&M is going back on its word, using the misleading “Responsible Mohair Standard,” which allows workers to cut off goats’ body parts without any pain relief and offers the animals no protection during slaughter.

If you think that’s terrible, check this out: The company reintroduced cashmere using the horribly named “Good Cashmere Standard,” which allows untrained farmers to kill baby goats by using blunt force trauma. The standard also doesn’t require the certification of off-farm slaughter sites, which could be similar to facilities where PETA Asia eyewitnesses found workers hitting goats over the head with a hammer and slitting their throats.

H&M just has to sell that mohair or cashmere sweater, huh? Big yikes! No piece of clothing is worth this suffering.

Goats are emotional animals who form loving relationships with friends and family members. Can you imagine being dragged away from your loved ones and having your skin torn apart before being left to bleed out? This is what the cashmere and mohair industries do to goats—all for clothes that could easily be made with vegan materials.

By breaking its commitment, the retailer is backstabbing animals and its customers. H&M needs to stop using flimsy “humane” labels as an excuse to support the abuse of animals, reinstate a strict ban on cashmere and mohair, and highlight the beautiful vegan products already in its inventory.

Please take action to urge H&M to ditch cashmere and mohair!

Ryman Ericsson

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