Stop UMass Experimenters From Cutting Into and Killing Marmosets

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Experimenters at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst (UMass) are caging, cutting into, and killing gentle marmoset monkeys in absurd experiments. 😠 They perform invasive surgeries that involve implanting electrodes in holes drilled in the marmosets’ skulls—and then cutting into their necks and threading electrodes through their bodies from their necks and scalps. In some tests, the sensitive, social animals are kept in solitary confinement just to see how they react.

The marmosets are also routinely zip-tied into a restraining device during MRI scans. Imagine how frightening and confusing that experience must be. 💔

Why subject marmosets to such cruelty? Researcher Agnès Lacreuse and her team claim to be studying the effects of menopause on human cognition—but marmosets don’t even go through menopause! 🤦 Instead of recognizing this glaring flaw, Lacreuse tries to simulate menopause by removing marmosets’ ovaries and using hand warmers (yes, like the kind you put in mittens) to mimic hot flashes.

This ridiculous “logic” doesn’t help us understand human menopause at all, yet Lacreuse has received more than $5 million in taxpayer money to keep her cruel experiments going. When she’s done tormenting the marmosets, she kills and dissects them.

Marmosets are curious animals who communicate with each other through complex vocalizations. They form deep emotional bonds with their partners and are almost always monogamous. They also groom each other and share food, and the whole troop takes care of the babies. Destroying their lives for pointless and painful experiments is pure speciesism—and it must stop.

Tell UMass to End Lacreuse’s Revolting Experiments!

Kumble R.
University of Massachusetts–Amherst
University of Massachusetts- Amherst

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