Tell Target and Others You Won’t Fall For ‘Responsible Down’ Labels

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You may have seen “responsible down” products sold online or in stores by companies like Target, Descente, and ASICS.

But what is down, and can it ever be considered “responsible”?

Down is the soft layer of feathers found on the breasts of geese and ducks. Many companies, including Target, sell pillows, jackets, and other items that are stuffed with it. PETA Asia investigators visited duck farms and slaughterhouses in Vietnam connected to Target, Descente, and ASICS, and what they found proves that “responsible down” is a complete lie.

Investigators saw ducks forced to live in filthy sheds or on dirty, barren lots, and many had bloody wounds. The eyewitness footage shows a worker in a slaughterhouse grabbing birds and shackling them upside down. The birds were then dragged through an electrified water bath, stabbed through the neck while still conscious, and left hanging to bleed out. 😨

All this cruelty just for a pillow, jacket, or blanket? Birds need their feathers—we don’t!

Ducks are smart, emotional animals. Ducklings can tell the difference between objects based on shape or color and show affection for their family. These sensitive birds can feel fear and pain, and they want to live free of suffering—just like humans.

The down industry’s vile treatment of birds is nothing new. PETA has released nine exposés from nearly 50 farms in six countries—including farms connected to “responsible” companies—each showing extreme suffering, violence, and killing. There’s simply no compassionate way to make down products. That’s why we’re asking people to choose cute and cozy vegan options, which are widely available. 😊

PETA has repeatedly shown Target, Descente, and ASICS clear evidence that they’re complicit in this abuse. We’ve urged them to replace down products with some of the many superior, animal-free options that most shoppers already prefer. But so far, decisionmakers haven’t budged.

That’s where you come in! Huge companies can make major improvements when they see just how many people support a change. Please politely urge Target, Descente, and ASICS to stop selling down today—and ask your friends to do the same in order to boost your impact:

Rau Ayers

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