Vid of Apparent Horizon Organic Milk Supplier Shows Cow Floating in Fecal Soup—Help Us Call For Action!

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Have you ever been misled by pictures of happy animals running near quaint country barns and reassuring labels proclaiming “organic” on dairy items? You aren’t alone. 👇

A whistleblower gave PETA a haunting video and photographs that were reportedly taken at Lone Star Organic Dairy outside Wills Point, Texas—a farm that claims to provide milk to Horizon Organic, North America’s biggest supplier of organic milk. The images show a cow floating in a reported 14-foot-deep pit of feces and urine, filthy water troughs, and dead cows and calves scattered across the ground in a “cemetery.” 😨

Help us call on Organic Certifiers, which certified this farm as organic, to take immediate meaningful action ASAP. Not one more cow on this farm deserves to suffer!

Hellish Conditions on the Farm

The whistleblower said that many if not most calves on this farm die from conditions including scours and pneumonia. They claim that cows were crippled by nails left inside bedding and that living areas were filled with waste—and their photos show dead calves left to rot. 😢 Apparently, workers on the farm also didn’t routinely loosen cows’ collars as the animals grew, and some collars even became embedded in their necks, causing wounds and abscesses.

Speak Up for These Cows

This farm, btw, is certified organic. 🙄 It brags of having “better animal welfare” than other dairies and claims to be the “largest organic dairy in North Texas.” “Organic” is obvi just another meaningless buzzword, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is still supposed to enforce some basic standards of animal care on organic farms.

PETA has asked the USDA to investigate the farm immediately and take all appropriate actions for any violations, including taking away the facility’s “organic” certificate. We’ve also asked Organic Certifiers—the agency that certified this farm as organic—how these awful conditions were apparently overlooked until now. Organic Certifiers needs to inspect the farm and help improve any such conditions there right away. ‼

The cows on this farm need your help—please join us in urging Organic Certifiers to take immediate meaningful action.

Organic Certifiers Inc.

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