Tell Coach to Extend Its Fur Ban to Mohair and Angora!

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After more than 11 years of pressure from PETA and our supporters, Coach banned fur in 2018. 🥳 This was obvi great progress, but we can’t stop here—urge the brand to help goats and rabbits by banning mohair and angora!

goat used for mohair

The mohair and angora industries are extremely cruel. A PETA eyewitness exposé found that countless goats endured violent shearing for mohair. Workers dragged the animals by their legs, threw them across the floor, and carelessly mutilated them. One worker cut two goats’ throats with a dull knife while they were still conscious. 😱

It isn’t just goats who go through this kind of hell. A PETA Asia eyewitness saw similar conditions on almost a dozen rabbit farms in China—the plug for 90% of the world’s angora. They found rabbits screaming in pain and terror as workers ripped out their fur. 😧 The rabbits endured this agony every three months. Afterward, they lay motionless, stunned, and in shock inside tiny, filthy cages. Some of the rabbits seemed unable to move. 😢

In 2018, Coach’s CEO called the brand’s ban on fur “the right thing to do.” If animal advocates speak up for compassionate fashion choices again, we can get Coach to realize that banning mohair and angora is def the right thing to do, too. 👏 Please urge the brand to stop supporting the abuse of goats and rabbits by banning mohair and angora. 🐐🐇😍


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