Urge Carden Circus to End Its Animal Acts

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Circuses featuring only human performers are high-key amazing. 🤩 🎪 🤹 But while talented trapeze artists, acrobats, and fire-eaters keep wowing audiences and proving that human-only circuses can thrive, Carden Circus is still exploiting elephants, camels, and other animals. 😡

Carden Circus and several similar companies are run by members of the notorious Carden family, who have a rep for violating the federal Animal Welfare Act. They’ve been cited for keeping tigers in tiny cages for nearly 24 hours a day and failing to provide elephants with apparent arthritis and cracked toenails with proper veterinary care. They’ve also been barred from featuring certain elephants in performances due to concerns that these animals carried tuberculosis. 😰 Elephants can easily pass tuberculosis to humans, btw, so these kinds of performances also put humans at risk. 🤦

Here’s some good news: In September 2021, an elephant named Bo, who had been exploited by the Carden family for a long time, was retired to a sanctuary in Georgia. He can now roam, forage, and explore in a naturalistic habitat. 🥰 The elephants still trapped in the Carden Circus—Betty, Janice, Vickie, and Cindy—def deserve to enjoy peaceful lives, too. 🐘 🐘 🐘 🐘 ☮️

Animal acts are a cruel thing of the past. Need proof? Just look at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which is now rolling without animals. 👏 Even though the world is progressing, Carden Circus continues to force animals to perform confusing and often painful tricks. 😭 Please urge the circus to stop exploiting animals and send them to reputable sanctuaries.

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