Urge Your U.S. Rep to Save Animals by Cosponsoring the Glue Trap Prohibition Act

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There’s some historic animal rights legislation in Congress right now. U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.-36) has introduced a bill that would ban the use, sale, and distribution of glue traps—devices that kill, injure, and disable countless small animals every year. 😲 This is huge, and we need your help to get this landmark legislation passed!

The Glue Trap Prohibition Act [(HR7018)] would protect countless vulnerable wildlife species by making glue traps—which cause terrified animals horrible suffering—illegal. 👏

Glue traps are small, sticky boards that trap animals like mice, rats, birds, chipmunks, bats, lizards, and squirrels when they walk across them. They cause slow, painful deaths—trapped animals can suffer from starvation, dehydration, or blood loss over several days while often crying out in pain. 🐁 🐦 🐿️ 😢

Animals trapped in the glue panic and struggle to break free, but this often makes things worse. The glue can rip off parts of their fur, feathers, and skin. Some animals even chew off their limbs in a desperate attempt to escape. Others suffocate to death slowly over the course of several hours after their noses, mouths, or beaks get stuck in the glue. 😰 They may also die from being crushed in the garbage, since that’s where the instructions on glue traps advise people to put them.

Btw, glue traps aren’t an effective long-term solution for handling “unwanted houseguests” like mice and rats. They do nothing to prevent more animals from entering homes or other buildings and can actually lead to a population increase. When these traps kill rodents and other animals, remaining ones reproduce faster. 🙃

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even warns us not to use glue traps because they increase our risk of getting dangerous diseases. Animals stuck in the glue keep peeing and pooping, which can spread diseases like hantavirus. 🤢 The only effective way to protect human health and keep wildlife out of our homes is to seal all entry points and keep outdoor and living spaces clean.

By banning glue traps, the U.S. would join a ton of places—including England, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Wales, two states and one territory in Australia, and more than 30 states and union territories in India—that have already outlawed these cruel devices. 🤝

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