Cows Burned, Electroshocked, and Killed—Urge IKEA to Ditch Leather

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IKEA says it’s committed to tackling inequality and climate change, so why on Earth is it still selling furniture made of leather? 🤦🤦 The leather industry literally does the opposite of IKEA’s stated goals—it forces animals to endure extreme suffering and destroys our environment. 😒 Please help us urge the furniture company to stop selling leather products!

Cows are smart, sensitive animals who can feel pain and fear, just like us. 🐮❤️ The leather industry doesn’t care at all, tho. It still burns, electroshocks, beats, and kills these animals for their skin. 😰 Cows and other animals trapped in the leather industry endure extreme crowding and deprivation. Plus, they’re castrated, they’re branded, and parts of their tails are cut off—all without painkillers. 😨

Leather is also super-destructive to the environment. Raising animals for their flesh and skin releases a 💩-load of greenhouse gas, which makes the climate catastrophe even worse. 🏭 As long as there’s demand for leather, the industry will keep raising animals just to exploit them—and will keep destroying the planet in the process. 😡

Here’s the good news: More and more companies are using vegan materials to create furniture. Even IKEA uses many vegan materials, so we know change is possible. 😅 Now’s your chance to help save animals and the 🌎—please urge IKEA to stop using leather for its products. 🙅

van Dam
IKEA Group

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