Sheep Hit, Cut, and Shoved—Urge Forever 21 to Ditch Wool!

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A shocking PETA video exposé of the wool industry in Australia—the world’s top exporter of the fiber—reveals that extreme cruelty to sheep is still the norm. 😰

This exposé shows that sheep shearers in Australia violently punched these gentle animals in the face and beat and jabbed them in the head with sharp metal shears. 😱 🐑 The attacks often left the terrified sheep bleeding from the eyes, nose, and mouth.

After PETA exposed rampant extreme cruelty to sheep across Australia in 2014, the evidence led to landmark cruelty convictions against shearers, and the wool industry there promised that such abuse wouldn’t be tolerated anymore. But this exposé shows that literally nothing has changed for sheep and that the cruelty is as severe as ever. 😡

Workers Stomped on Terrified Sheep
PETA’s video highlights just some of the violence and suffering that sheep endure in the Australian wool industry. When these prey animals panicked while being pinned down, the shearers stomped on them and stood on their heads and necks. 😨 They threw the animals around and slammed their heads and bodies against the floor.

Sheep Cut Up and Shoved Down Chutes
Shearers are often paid by volume (not by the hour), so many of them do reckless work—including slicing off large pieces of sheep’s skin. 😓 Australian media outlets have even found that many workers take illegal drugs to help them work faster. 😲 Biiig yikes.

When workers finished shearing, they shoved the sheep down chutes like garbage bags. 🤬 The eyewitness saw one worker lift a sheep by the leg, stomp on her head, hit her with his knee, and then throw her into a chute.

Gaping Wounds Sewn Up Without Pain Relief
Workers didn’t give sheep painkillers before trying to sew up gaping, bloody wounds caused by shearing. It gets even worse: The investigator never saw any injured sheep provided with veterinary care. 😭

Help Stop This Cruelty!
Cruelty to sheep goes hand in hand with the wool industry—no matter where the fiber comes from or what the industry yaps about. 😒 Please help sheep now by never buying anything made of wool and by urging Forever 21 to ditch it for animal-friendly materials.


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