Frankie the Monkey Has Been Caged Alone in a Retail Store for Over a Decade

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In his natural habitat, Frankie the capuchin monkey would live in a large fam group and he and the others would race together through the tall canopies of a vast rainforest. 🐒 ❤️ But Pet Stop in Kansas keeps him alone in a cage in the middle of its retail store. 😨

Because Frankie’s forced to live in solitary confinement, he can’t participate in his natural behavior as a member of a large social group. 😢 By caging and displaying him, Pet Stop is treating him like a decoration, which is a straight-up example of speciesism—the belief that other animals are inferior to us.

But Frankie has a major chance for a better life—an accredited sanctuary can accept him! 😲 Pet Stop can give him his best opportunity to experience everything natural and important to him by sending him to this sanctuary, and you can help make that happen. 😇

Please politely urge Pet Stop to send Frankie to the sanctuary, where he can get excellent veterinary care and live among a large social group in a bigger, more naturalistic setting.

Pet Stop Inc.

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